New Version:
-added "max frame rate" to options
-added reentry heat
-added warning when shield generators are too small
-radiators use less power when coolant is already cool
-ships are considered disabled also when there are no working weapons,engines and warp engines
-refit interface show refund cost when appropriate
-mouse buttons can now be configured
-game windows position and size are saved
-ship info show 2 fuels instead of an average
-cruise warp speed can now be set using ship popup menu
-navigation window use 'reference' for some commands if nothing is selected
-fixed sorting of items listed in trade window
-improved item filters in trade window
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New video:

A stream of missiles digs a hole in the ship from side to side. The video is in slow-motion at 0.04x speed.


New Version:
-implemented shield-missiles interaction: missiles can cause massive damage to shields. If the shield has not enough charge, the shield generator itself get damaged. If the shield generator has not enough hitpoints an explosion is created at his position, damaging all nearby components.
-fixed mouse scroll wheel not working.
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New Version:
-new component: Shield Generators (shield-missiles interaction not implemented). Deploy shield with spacebar when charged enough
-enabled random battles: 2 fleets of random ships fight in a random solar system
-fixed reentry flames
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Shields are used for defense, for each ship there is a single spherical shield bubble that protects it from each direction and stop every weapon as long as there is enough charge.
Shields are not meant to replace armor but complement it. Their main purpose is to prevent laser sniping. They can stop bullets but are very weak against them especially HE and gauss.
Shields can be deployed or undeployed, and are recharged in each state but while deployed a part of the recharge power is used to maintain the shield bubble. There is also a energy cost to deploy that depends on the shield bubble volume.