New Version:
-lasers targets also missiles not directed to their ship
-lasers targets missiles warhead instead of battery
-warheads explodes when hit by laser
-enabled battle selection in main menu
-fixed AI warp star avoidance
-now factions are loaded from text files
-Sol definition file now contain items traded for each planet
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New Version:
-improved cannons precision
-improved AI
    while warping, AI will flee if enemy is too strong
    missiles have improved precision at long ranges
    AI stop using engines if low on LH2
    AI is a bit smarter when avoiding planets at warp
-missiles Xmm renamed MRM Xmm (Medium Range Missile)
-added SRM missiles: more agility and bigger warhead but less range
-trade interface show missiles stats
-added 3 sided random battles
Download 7z
Download exe