New Version:
-Warp intercept distance can be selected from navigation window
    the final intercept distance also depends on the distance the enemy select and the power of warp disruptors
-Tactical window:
   added disabled ship filter to ship list
    double right click in weapons list assign target to all weapons of the same type, can be used also middle mouse button

-Navigation window:
    added disabled ship filter  to ship list
    double right click in components list enable/disable all components of the same type

-In sandbox, money from defeated ships is calculated (from enemy ship status) and given after 120 seconds. Be careful with missile spamming.
-AI can now deploy shields
-added railgun 50mm
-renamed engine NTR to NTR4
-added engines NTR1,NTR2,NTR3,Plasma,Fusion
-added Gladiator to random battle
Download 7z
Download exe

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