New Version:
-redone engines
-engines produce torque if not aligned with center of mass; imbalanced ships have to compensate with gyroscopes and if these are not enough strong the ship cannot mantain the direction
-RCS mode: engines are used for ship rotation if possible - key 'r'
-Boost mode: engines use boost if present - key 'o'
-thrust can now be limited for each engine from "components window" 
-NTR engines now requires uranium-235
-new engines:
    NTR [Boost] : has a LOX afterburner that increase thrust but decrease ISP
    Solid Rocket : very high thrust, needs to be filled with fuel APCP
-engines can have different colors; Fusion rocket now has a blue exhaust
-improved fuel tanks; fuel can be added and removed from each tank while refitting
-explosive shells are now colored red
-hugely increased explosive damage vs components
-new ship:
Dimensions:  26  x  7.5  x  52
2x Size4 Turret Slots
6x Size3 Turret Slots