New Version:
-fixed powerplants permanently reducing fuel capacity
-increased rockets speed
-improved rockets aiming precision
-gauss cannon flash is now blue
-new navigation command: "Broadside Right" and "Broadside Left", reorients a ship side toward a target
-new component type: Liquid Pump, move fuel from damaged tanks to undamaged tanks
-new module: RCS block
-HE-AP shells are now colored orange, shrapnels colored yellow
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  1. Good day.
    I can not be found or to market the sandbox can not add your own stuff?

    Tried to register in the tower (S2 Speeder.turret example), tried to throw modules ...

    Can just replace "S2 Speeder laser turret" itself.

    But now drawings stored will generate an error in the boot, because "in the tower hanging system can not" (tried to make radiators).

    A game mechanic is very good, really believe that the ship, not a cart in a liquid vacuum.

    (Beware, Google translate.)

  2. The translation is very bad but i think you are saying you can't add custom turrets to the station market and if you modifiy an existing turret there are errors.
    At the moment you can't modify the turrets for sale but i will fix this for the next version.
    All other components type are put for sale with probabilty depending on random_weight attribute.
    "will generate an error in the boot, because "in the tower hanging system can not""
    If you report the original untraslated error i can tell the problem

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Well, I will wait for the next version.

    With an error figured out - it was not necessary to put in the slot missile gyroscope :D (Before you make a model of a radiator - check whether work-rocket boxes: http://s2.star-made.ru/MOD/foto/B_C/Battleship_Commander-radiator_test .jpg And because of greed prescribed in S3_Speeder_Large_Pod gyros).

    Found another problem - at
    radiator_p -0.1
    radiator_n -0.1
    (for here such http://s2.star-made.ru/MOD/foto/B_C/Modules_MOD.rar radiators)
    radiators do not work.

  4. Bug: If the value is incorrect Engine emitter (often mistakenly comma instead of a period), while maintaining a drawing game crashes.


  5. Such question: if a cannon mount directly into the ship's hull (like the rocket launcher in the Mule) - AI use for aiming gyroscopes \ RCS?

    I want to try <100 tons fighter to do (30 ton cab has already done, but for the Pirates this snack, and i do not want to breed the turret, not to exceed the weight limit).

  6. Yes, the AI will aim the cannons but the ship will not accelerate and will be an easy target.
    You also need special cannons that can aim a few degrees, they are not sold on the market but can be defined in ship files. Set the attribute max_movement inside the cannons:

    slot cannon_l
    cannon_type Cannon 12.5mm
    max_movement 0.06

  7. That'S Perfect! Then I will try.

    "max_movement 0.06" - I understand correctly, bullets magically begin to deviate in the direction of the enemy?
    No, better to reduce the weight of the rotary mechanism, setting it in a niche space shuttle - then for his defense need only semi-circular shield, the other sides will cover the body of the shuttle.
    Something like this:
    Standard barrel should like fit.

  8. "Found another problem - at
    radiator_p -0.1
    radiator_n -0.1"

    negative values are invalid

  9. It Is Clear ...
    Just shift in the side more limit than the editor does not lead to such a result.

    However radiator I remade.

    And it seems this is not the last alteration of the radiator.

    Now it is not compatible with Charger).
    It is a pity that there is no check for collisions turrets, that is not allowed to put into the slot.

  10. Turret slot size represents the max physical size of the turret.
    A check for collision every time the mountable turret list is generated may cause lag.
    An alternative is to intend the slot size as a general measure of weight and add two other attributes to represent max width and height, and add them also to turret attach point.

  11. << "An alternative is to intend the slot size as a general measure of weight and add two other attributes to represent max width and height, and add them also to turret attach point."

    Such Mechanical Starmade.

    Among the shortcomings immediately note that if the trunk is very long - it has to make a great seat.
    However, if we exclude from miscalculation of everything that has "barrel" in the name - quite go.

    Or base frame on the angle of rotation of the turret:
    If you set up and "unlimited" - you can limit the length of the barrel.

  12. Another bug: in-game editor allows you to stretch radiators

    name Radiator-3
    position 4.51518 4.45196 0.770387
    dimension 1.8 0.5 1.4
    orientation 0 0 0.7855
    component ld_radiator
    radiator_p 0
    radiator_n 0.0025025
    radiator_x_offs -0.9
    radiator_x_dim 5.4
    radiator_z_offs 0.7
    radiator_z_dim 4.2

    But when loading the game complains Z axis radiator area.

    Helps reduce hand it to
    radiator_z_dim 4

    if you need to test pattern that gives an error - here it is:


    mesh (I know he's a lot of weight - cluster RCS nozzle will have to change to something else.)

    If for open a drawing, ask something else - it probably lies here:

  13. Is a floating-point bug, fixed. Also 4.1999 would work